Investing in women means in investing in the people who invest in everyone else

Women’s economic participation along with their ownership and control on their own development is important. Our women, the strong and selfless givers are also mothers, sisters, wives and daughters.

We at Happy Faces Foundation are working everyday towards investing in their potential so that they may shine through and feel the significance of independence and self-worth.


Personal Development

Soft skills are an important aspect of individual development, learning to speak up for yourself, skills of assertion, negotiation and dealing with emotions is important. We facilitate periodical personal development workshops to help women to learn about emotional intelligence, and public speaking, which now reflects in their day – to – day routines at work and at home.

Health & Wellness

We start everyday at the wokshop with a small prayer of gratitude and mediation. We want the artisans to focus on their mental and physical well-being and often conduct yoga workshops for the same. We also invite practicing doctors to share their experience and suggestions for a more balanced lifestyle and encourage the artisans to be mindful about their health.

Capacity Building

Improving core skills, and learning new ones is always a challenge. Further, practice helps in building confidence, and we organize regular workshops with design facilitators so that women can learn and grow in the work domain.
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