our vision

Happy Faces Foundation is an initiative of hope, pride and self-discovery for an empowered society. The foundation is geared towards empowering women to become self-confident, self-employed, and independent individuals.

We believe that “Everyone Is Special” and hence encourage all women to use their skills towards financial and social independence. Apart from this, the foundation assists the families of the women in getting access to quality education.



Happy faces Foundation aims to empower women to carve their identity and build confidence to have social and economic agency of their lives.


Our mission is to initiate and create sustainable employment opportunities for women of diverse socio-economic strata.

The foundation aims to encourage and empower women to become self sustaining individuals for a happier society. Providing ‘help’ is temporary support, what makes a difference is empowering individuals which then transforms lives, families, societies, and then broader systems.”


Empowered Women

Enabling sustainable social and monetary opportunities for women across different social strata.

Healthier Ecosystems

Creating outcomes that are healthy, pleasant, and harmless for the environment.

Happier Society

Women are at the center of various social units, and that in turn can impact a remarkable change in the society.
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