Two decades ago, when my mother in law was bed ridden, diagnosed with an acute illness, I was looking for a lady caretaker who can look after her. In her 4 year long illness, many deprived women caretakers worked at our home. They used to share their financial, physical and emotional concerns with me as a family member. Such incidents made me think that one day I want to do something to free these women from misery and make them live a dignified life. Later, I got busy with my family responsibilities but the thought of helping socially and economically deprived women was always on the back of my mind. As time passed, both my kids were settled where they relieved me from the majority of the responsibilities. Hence, a few years ago I shared with them as well as with my husband about my 20 year old passion to work for the betterment of women. For a couple of years, I just kept on meeting underprivileged and destitute women to understand their condition and how I can help them in becoming independent ? After numerous consultation with tribal, rural and urban women, I started Happy Faces Foundation with just 5 women in 2018. Our women started with homemade snacks, further it expanded to Handwork to Bridal Mehndi making, different designs of macrame to making yoga mats & hats, from banana fibres. Our products are being served and used at many of the 5 star Hotels, Resorts, City Restaurants and at Airport. In just two years, we went from 5 women to more than 500 women across four centres of Gujarat. From a 25 year old daughter to a 75 year old grandmother- we have women from all ages and sections working with us and living a dignified life. I have seen these women grow emotionally, socially and financially- the same woman who couldn’t buy a packet of bindi for herself is earning more than her husband today. Being a woman, let me tell you that nothing in this world is more fulfilling than seeing another woman succeed at life.

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The most painful thing in the world is when a woman fails to understand another woman. We have to be for each other- No matter what.”

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