Reeta Bhagat Our Founder : The Heart Behind Happy Faces Foundation, Spreading Smiles.



During her inspiring journey of supporting causes, leading education initiatives, and empowering women, our founder, Reeta Bhagat, encountered a significant turning point. While caring for her bed-ridden mother-in-law during a challenging period, she met  numerous women who worked as house helps and nurses, struggling to make ends meet.

One certain incident left a mark on her heart. A tearful lady, one of the caretakers, shared her heart-wrenching story during mealtime. She was the sole breadwinner in her family, burdened with the responsibility of feeding her alcoholic son and grandchildren, who often went to bed hungry. Sadly, she is only home with food rations, never keeping a single penny from her hard-earned salary.

Throughout the four years of her mother-in-law’s treatment, Reeta ji encountered countless such capable and resourceful women desperately in need of employment opportunities. However, they lacked awareness and confidence in their own abilities. This realization sparked the idea for an initiative that could change their lives.

Driven by her passion for welfare and policies, Rita ji delved into various fields, striving to make a difference in the lives of these women. Finally, her unwavering determination led to the establishment of the Happy Faces Foundation.

The foundation serves as a platform that not only spreads smiles and happiness but also provides opportunities for personal growth, empowerment, and sustainability.

With a vision to uplift women and make a positive difference, Happy Faces Foundation relentlessly transforms lives, spreading joy one smile at a time. Under Reeta ji’s leadership, the foundation’s vision becomes a reality, shining as a guiding light of hope and transformation for those seeking support and encouragement.

With unwavering compassion and a commitment to empowering lives, Happy Faces Foundation continues its transformative journey, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and communities. As one cohesive unit, we venture into uncharted waters, creating waves of change that stretch beyond the horizon.


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